iGenii Inc introduces the new system iGeniiRX that delivers immediate
results – more customers and greater profits.

iGeniiRX will provide you with a personalized website allowing you to expand your hours of operation and clientele to boost your sales and amplify your profits.

If you are part of the Kinray Family we have the perfect solution for you.

- Within 3-5 weeks we will create a Pharmacy specific Online Store with Kinray products pre- installed.
- All products will be synchronized on a monthly basis to ensure you will be up to date on inventory and pricing.

- The products will be uploaded to the site with the original price set by the manufacturer but they can be easily adjusted by you using the control panel.
- The website will come with a comprehensive Control Panel that enables you to manipulate the inventory and process the orders.

- We will add 30-50 products you consider to be high priority for sales, as well as display them on the first page.

- Our Automatic Shipping Module will seamlessly calculate shipping prices.

- Your Online Pharmacy will be working 24x7 for you; we will provide you with round the clock technical support.
- The Online Store will include a Prescription Option which will enable consumers to fill their prescription without actually going to the store. (Optional)
- Having an Online Store will increase your sales volume and drive more traffic to your door.


Maximum profits with minimum time investment

Through iGeniiRX, not only will you receive an accurate inventory but also a tireless salesman – iGeniiRX will sell even as you sleep! We will create for you a custom websit that opens up your pharmacy to online business without a all interrupting your daily operation.

The inventory will be already installed so you won’t have to hire additional employees to manually upload thousands of products to the website. This translates to less financial and labor investment and higher savings and sales.

Knowing how even a small mistake can bring health problems and legal consequences, we assure you of the accuracy and impeccable detailing of the inventory. In addition, since you can now sell directly from the wholesaler providers, the online inventory is absolutely boundless. You have unlimited amount of storage and no longer need to rely on your pharmacy’s stock.

But perhaps the best feature of iGeniiRX is that your online pharmacy, perfectly organized and very user-friendly, will stay open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

iGeniiRX will alleviate your workload and provide your clients with extended hours and convenience while still maintaining quality services. Before you know it, your sales, and your customers to your profits accordingly, will experience a rapid increase.