iGenii Inc introduces iGeniiVision, an innovative system that immediately delivers more clients and higher profits!

  • Sell online only what you stock, but also what you can get from supplier

  • Sell tirelessly – even as you sleep or (Sell when you store is open and when it's not)

  • Show your products on first page of Google search (not pay per click – natural search)

  • Accurate inventory, pricing and support 24 x 7


Our system helps you maintain your inventory in perfect order and effectively increases the profitability of your business in multiple ways.

We create a personalized website with your inventory and offer a number of tools that will help you get your sales - and dollars - rising.

iGeniiVision collects detailed data from three major providers' inventories and automatically synchronizes it to your website. It keeps track of every item and organizes and categorizes the entire stock while at the same time accurately updating new products, prices, and orders. But perhaps the system's best feature is that the online inventory is boundless - it eliminates the need for storage space while providing you with a huge inventory - all at zero cost to you!

Appeal to a wider range of customers with a greater variety. Despite a wide assortment of products, every optic store has only a limited quantity of items in its inventory stock, reserved primarily for walk in clients. Amplify your glasses selection by presenting the products directly from wholesalers as your own. Through iGeniiVision by iGenii, you can sell online even those products that are outside of your stock.

iGeniiVision creates a website that suits all your needs and sells tirelessly your product even as you sleep. Using a fully automated system, your website becomes a virtual salesman that is more accurate and efficient than any employee you've ever had. Watch the sales and orders pile up without so much as lifting a finger. And more importantly, watch your profits accumulate without ever paying for his indispensable around-the-clock services.

Increase your marketing reach with the help of successful professional retailers such as, Froogle*, and eBay*. iGeniiVision also offers special search engine optimization services to bring your website to Google's first search result pages via a natural search, rather than through pay-per-click. Our professional SEO will boost your online sales and create vital website visibility in the largest market in the world - the Internet.