The composition of a semantic nucleus is one of the most important moments of website optimization. More often than not, it is from this stage that the website promotion begins. After the semantic nucleus has been created, technical improvements to the site are done, the pages for promotion are selected, the content is further enhanced, etc. That is why it is so important to compose the proper semantics for the promotion. A well-composed semantic nucleus will assure effective website promotion and the attraction of goal-oriented visitors.

We will compose a high quality list of keywords and phrases that most completely describe your product and then begin website optimization.

Depending on the company’s budget, the site’s audience, and the regions where the product or service will be promoted, we offer three standard packages as well as a custom one:

  • Silver SEO Package
  • Gold SEO Package
  • Platinum SEO Package
  • Custom SEO Package

Silver SEO Package is designed for the website promotion in a specific region and includes the words together with the name of the city or state. It is best suited for the companies that cover small territories, for example locksmith, home improvement and construction businesses, etc.

Gold SEO Package suits large organizations or online stores. It may include the promotion that concentrates on a specific area or one without a particular region.

Platinum SEO Package is designed for large enterprises that operate across the entire country and internationally. Large retail chains and online stores would select such package for a highly competitive product such as wedding dresses, prom gowns, etc.

We can also create a unique Custom SEO Package. You can decide which set of services and actions it will contain. Custom SEO Package allows flexibility in the planning of the proposed budget.