Link building is a critical part of SEO services. We build one-way (singular), two-way (reciprocal), and three-way (triangular) links as part of our service offerings.

Our process of link development is purely manual: we do not employ any software for the purpose. Naturally, all the links developed adhere to the proper standards of link building.

Unlike our competitors, we do not depend on other companies and link brokers so that we can quickly reach high, predictable results in website promotion. We have our own website network that is divided according to a wide variety of topics.

In order to budget the link sales by 22 times, we use our own methods of percentage calculation of thematic links.

Tlink = (T / L1)100%

where L1  –  average number of links, T – number of thematic links (to receive this indicator, we use cascade filters which are proprietary to our company’s knowhow).

Therefore, we find that the percentage of thematic links ranges from 0.7 to 10.6% (according to the analysis of 10 sites of different subject matter). The average value for Tlink is 4.4%. Thus, on average, only one out of 22 links placed with the aid of link brokers has the same or similar subject matter as that of the promoted site.

It is thus safe to conclude that the usage of our cascade filters and the arrangement of external links with only thematic sites, cheapens the services by 22 times and, in its turn, decreases the total budget.