With 90% of the search engine traffic going to the top 3 ranking websites, everyone is vying for a high position on the search result pages.

We help you get the top search engine rankings using LSI-based organic search engine optimization (SEO).

The users that enter queries into a search engine are already interested in the product, service, or information, indicating their intent through the query itself. Upon entering a site from the search, they get the opportunity to immediately conclude their desired action – to buy the product or order a service. The majority of web traffic comes from the first page of the search results, which usually includes the ten most popular sites most closely corresponding to the users’ queries.

The higher the position of your sites, the greater is the probability that the product will be bought from you.

In order to raise the position according to a specific query, we follow the following steps:

  • The determination of the semantic nucleus. We collect the data about the company’s business, such as the goals and challenges of the website, and with the help of highly specialized instruments of web-statistics, determine the list of words and phrases which the users search for when looking for the product or service of our client. This is the most important step of website search engine optimization.
  • Optimization of designer decisions of the website. At this stage of website optimization, we improve the graphic elements.
  • Optimization of the website’s link structure. We analyze the quality, quantity, character, and placement of the existing internal and external links as well as evaluate the correspondence of the link content with the webpages to which they lead.
  • Optimization of the HTML code. We analyze and correct the titles and META tags and also correct errors in the setup and the program code. Proper setup is an important requirement for increased visibility in search engines and, by extension, for a successful website optimization.
  • Optimization of the website’s content. We check and correct textual content of the site in accordance with the compiled semantic nucleus and add new pages as needed. This is an important step as poor content can significantly lower the website’s positions in search results and thus scare off potential clients.
  • Working with the site’s usability. In the concluding stage of website optimization we identify and correct violations of the usability rules. This step of website optimization makes the website not only interesting but also convenient, clear, and useful for the visitor - a fundamental requisite for increased web traffic.

Therefore, entering into the top 10 of the search results brings an increased website traffic and a marked growth of sales and profits.