Company Overview

iGenii, Inc. (IGNI: OTCQB/BB) is a technology solutions company that specializes in providing web development solutions, hosting, application development and search engine optimization solutions driven through a proprietary process. Our SEO solutions brand provides customizable platforms that create significant cost efficiencies, dependable marketing and advertising functionality that help companies reduce costs while maximizing profitability in the key areas of their strategic development planning. iGenii, Inc. is driven to earn client trust by providing superior service embodied in a total commitment for relentless support and uncompromising standards. With a global portfolio of customers, what differentiates us from our competitors and enables us to gain market share in today's constrained spending environment, is our unique and proprietary formulas for SEO solutions. iGenii, Inc. excels at delivering solutions that often challenge our competitors, such as multi-language translation, cross platform integration, multi-currency transaction management, foreign language character management and related search engine optimization. Our goal is to help organizations define and execute technology solutions to deliver a simpler, more cost effective process to meet their unique marketing and advertising needs. We possess a broad range of skills that equip us to deliver not just any solution, but the right solution, at the right time.

Corporate Profile greatly respects the confidentiality and proprietary rights associated with our clients' keywords and respective rankings. With this said, we also understand the need to demonstrate the real results that Seotopten produces.

Therefore, we have provided a small representative grouping of the following clients, who have graciously agreed to share their ranking reports with our prospective clients for such purposes under the precedent condition that these rankings are not shown to people who do business in the same in dusty and competing geographies.