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Account Executive will work with you to design a lease program that best fits the needs of your business. When deciding what kind of lease is required then one should consider the following factors: cash flow requirements, tax advantages, the life of the equipment, and the equipment value at the end of the lease. At the end of the Lease Term, there are a number of different options available. Terms usually range from 2 to 5 years.

We can design a lease program for you
or you can choose from the following options:

The Standard Lease
The most common lease program is the Standard Lease Program. The Standard Lease usually requires the first and last payment up-front and then a level monthly payment for the term of the lease. At the end of the Standard Lease you can choose from various buyout options.

The Quick Start Lease
The Quick Start Lease is a popular choice for businesses acquiring income-producing equipment. The Quick Start Lease is a payment deferred program, you will have 90 days to use the equipment before your first payment is due. At the end of the Quick Start Lease you can choose from various buyout options.

The Step Lease
The Step Lease is a popular choice for equipment acquisitions in excess of $50,000. Your payments start low and then step-up to a normal payment. This allows you to acquire the equipment and integrate it into your operations without significant impact on cash flow. At the end of the Step Lease you can choose from various buyout options.

The Skip Lease
The Skip Lease is a popular choice for seasonal businesses. We can design a lease payment schedule that is only due on certain months of the year. This allows you to match cash flow with your payment schedule. At the end of the Step Lease you can choose from the various buyout options.

Benefits of Leasing

Whatever your business, whatever your strategies and objectives, in a dynamic business environment, leasing just makes more sense than buying. Leasing gives you financial flexibility, helps you meet changing technology needs quickly and easily, and offers tax advantages as well.

The Financial Advantages
Improve cash flow and working capital. Equipment lease, you get 120% financing. This equates to 100% of equipment costs, plus an extra 20% for soft costs, i.e. shipping, wiring, training, etc. Your payments are often lower than with other types of financing. In fact, they are a fraction of the total purchase price, and may even qualify as pre-tax expense. Since the lease may be considered off-balance sheet financing, it leaves your credit lines intact for other business uses.

Value of your money. Payments are fixed and unaffected by the ever changing economy. More of the cash flow, especially the option to purchase the equipment, occurs later in the lease term.

Convenience and flexibility. You get your equipment faster and begin to generate revenue sooner. Since a lease does not always require a down payment, it is equivalent to 100% financing. That means that you will have more money to invest in revenue generating payments as tax deductible operating expenses.

The Technology advantages
More Choices, more equipment, lower costs. With a lease, you can specify the manufacturer, the model number, even the source. You are covered by all conventional manufacturer warranties. Since lease payments are usually lower than other forms of financing, your leasing dollar allows you to acquire more of the equipment your business needs.

Ability to keep equipment up to date. When you lease, you are never tied to the outdated machinery, equipment, or software. Plus you have complete flexibility at the end of the lease. Options: You can purchase it, refinance it, or simply return it. You make the choice