Reputation Management

As the amount of time the individual spends online is increasing substantially every year it is crucial to maintain a professional and reliable online presence. Especially when promoting your business or oneself online. The internet can be a huge marketing asset or can severely hurt your business.

Here at iGenii we understand that one negative article can affect your business and you’re your personal life so we offer our Reputation Management services in order to assist you in creating the positive online presence you desire. We will work with you discreetly and efficiently in order to help move these articles from a variety of search engines top pages including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We would like to stress that it is impossible for us to remove these articles from the internet all together. In order to a remove an article from the internet it would be in the hands of the client to take legal action against whoever has published the negative online content.

With our Reputation Management services we have created an efficient plan in order to push this negative content off the first page of these major search engines and onto later pages so it is less likely to be seen and the website traffic on this negative cite will decrease significantly. Thus adjusting your online reputation to the professional one in which you desire.