Website Maintenance

Maintaining your website is an important factor to a successful online presence for your business. How your product or service is viewed online can affect how potential customer view the value of it. Maintaining your website is necessary to stay relevant, attract new customers and keep old ones, as well as present new products or services to the public online. Website maintenance is imperative in order to keep customers interested.

Here at iGenii we understand this so not only do we create a professional and unique website for every client but we also help you maintain your website. In order to run a productive and successful site it must be regularly updated as technology’s always advancing and as your business grows and changes.

We will assist you in updating your website as often as you would like.

It is crucial to maintain your website in order to stay relevant, increase website traffic, brand awareness and sales. Some of the common website support issues we cover include making a website mobile friendly, fixing a broken link, updating format, pictures and more. This also allows our clients to stay focused on their business and not worry about their website. Our customer service division is just a phone call away whenever there is a technical difficulty with your cite or you would like a specific part of your website updated.