Achieve Word-of-Mouth through Social Media

Word-of-mouth is one of the most important ways to grow a business and increase sales. With Share & Save, you are offering your fans incentives to blast your product/services to all of their friends. It is word-of-mouth for the social media age!

Turn Current Fans Into Brand Advocates

For a business that doesn't have millions to invest in marketing, it is daunting to figure out how to ind customers and motivate them to push your brand. Share & Save does this for you by encouraging a customer to share your product or service with their friends.

SEO and Likes

Research has shown a clear correlation between the number of Likes of a Facebook page with a higher SEO ranking. Share & Save can help increase likes to your page by simply being visible to a larger audience.

Social Media

Make sure your website is seen, heard and relevant.

Be on top off allmajor social media sites.
- Visibility
- Voice
- Validation

High Search Engine Rankings

With 90% of the search engine traffic going to the top 3 ranking websites, everyone is vying for high search engine rankings.

We help you get top search engine rankings using LSI based organic search engine optimization (SEO).

Social Media has become a worldwide phenomenon

As social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and several other resourceful online networking websites continue to flourish in our culture, it is important to recognize that social media can be used as a tool to market your company and product.

Keyword Research

Keywords form the backbone of SEO services. These are the words that decide the search engine rankings and the popularity of the website. Our experts perform exhaustive researches and dig out the best keywords that'll boost traffic to a web site and enhance the client's business.

Content Development

The structure and content of the website is modeled according to the keyword research results.

Appropriate structure (pages,scripting,meta-tags etc) and content based on proper usage and density of keywords makes a web site more search engine friendly and better ranked.

Analysis and Reporting

A thorough analysis of project's progress is maintained and a comprehensive report based on numerous parameters is compiled.

It affords us a ready reference with which to plan modifications and additions for further improvements.

Referral Traffic

Quality in-bound links generate quality traffic with an unmatched ROI.

We help you leverage the power of quality in-bound links by offering one-way and reciprocal thematic link building services.

Partner Identification

Our first step is to identify potential partners whose business domains are the compatible to ours. This is important as firms with similar interests and functionality domains are useful in exchanging/promoting links, which is a good way of promoting business.


Monitoring involves keeping a close watch on the partner sites for website performance, which is attributed to quality of links hosted.

A website hosting few but useful links is preferable over a website inclined toward being a link pool. The misconception of generating better business with larger external links is kept in mind and suitably applied for evaluation of potential partners.